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Get Your Spine Ready for Skiing!

Jan 08, 2021 by Twin Cities Spine Center

Physician Assistant Martha Magnuson provides some helpful information for staying safe out on the slopes!

Snow is finally here and we want to get out there and enjoy it.  Get in shape so you can stay out skiing all day by working on strengthening, (quads, glutes, hamstrings, hips), balance (core muscles and hips), and build up your cardio.

Cross-Train with getting your heart rate up with running, biking, elliptical, and high intensity training (high intensity x 1-2 minutes with rests in between) Recommend cardio for 30 min 2-3 x/week- have fun!

Develop your own regimen and if something hurts, modify or skip it. Go at your own pace- increase reps/sets as you get in better shape. Start early!  Ideally 6 weeks before you head out.

Sample Routine:

Warm up: 5-10min Light jog, bike, jumping jacks- just raise the heart rate and get the muscles warm

Exercises: Rest 30-45 seconds between and gently increase reps/sets as you get stronger

  • Walking lunge with rotation
  • Squat Reverse Lunge
  • Lateral Ski Jump or Box Jump
  • Chop or Wood Chop exercise
  • Hip Bridge with Adductor Squeeze
  • Hip Clock Exercise (with Resistance Band)
  • Monster Walk with Bands
  • Side Plank with Rotation

After your work-out (or skiing); work on your flexibility/recovery with these stretches

  • Pigeon
  • Seated Spinal Twist
  • Supine Hip Circles
  • Lying Trunk Rotation
  • Foam Roller- work it out!

Click here for more details about the exercises mentioned above.


Click here to learn more about Martha Magnuson, PA-C!

*Martha consulted with Courage Kenny Physical Therapist, Steven Scherger for exercises and links for this article.

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