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Spinal Robotics at Twin Cities Spine Center

Jan 15, 2021 by Twin Cities Spine Center

Dr. Eiman Shafa, a spine surgeon with Twin Cities Spine Center and Director of Spine Robotics at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, successfully performed the first minimally invasive TLIF, which is a type of less invasive spinal fusion, using Medtronic’s newest integrated spine robotic solution, with use of navigated interbody and Midas Rex™ high speed drills.  

Dr. Shafa is committed to Twin Cities Spine Center’s Mission which includes being an international leader in spine surgery by providing optimal patient care, and making lasting contributions to the field of spine surgery.

In a recent interview Dr. Shafa stated, “Operating rooms are very complex environments and we look forward to incorporating new functionality into our Mazor Robotic Guidance workflow to enhance the predictability and precision of a broader range of procedures leading to better patient outcomes”. 

Click here to learn more about the Spinal Robotics Program at Twin Cities Spine Center.

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